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Inflight Essentials

Inflight Essentials

I consider myself a laid back type A. However, when it comes to what I bring on long flights, laid back goes out the window. I'm not overly concerned with flights being delayed, bags being lost and the the other problems flying can bring, but the contents of my carry-on are meticulously planned and plotted.  After a bit of trial and error over the years, here is what I refuse to board a 5+ hour flight without. It may seem slightly intense... but trust me when I say that you will arrive feeling fresh and ready to go. Safe travels! 

Hydration + Food

Coconut Water. When it comes to long flights, hydration is the name of the game. Since you can't bring liquids through security, I drink a quick coconut water before I leave home. My favorite is Harmless Harvest. 

Water. Again, hydration. I always travel with a water bottle and many airports have been adding water filling stations. If available, I'll fill up here. Otherwise, always splurge and get the biggest water bottle for sale possible. It is simply worth it. (Most experts recommend drinking at least 8 oz of water for every hour you are on a plane in order to stay hydrated) 

Nuun. If you haven't tried these hydrating tablets, you're missing out. They're a great thing to have when traveling in general. Just put a tab in a cup of water and you'll get instant electrolytes minus all the added sugar of typical sports beverages. 

Emergen-C. Being in contained quarters with recycled air and tons of people means extra germs, so I figure this one can't hurt. I just mix with a cup of water when the flight attendants come by. (I'll also drink them a few days leading up to the flight) 

Tea. Airplane coffee and tea are not the best so I bring chamomile and green tea bags with me. When the flight attendants come by for beverage service I just ask for a plain cup of hot water and add the tea bag. I drink chamomile before trying to sleep and green before arriving for a little extra energy. 

Healthy Snacks. I usually bring apples, bananas, kind bars/larabars. I always seem to get hungry when flying and it's good to have a little healthy energy on hand. (Also, airplane food typically is very high in sodium which makes you dehydrated, so if you can, fill up on a healthier meal before boarding)


Josie Maran Bare Naked Wipes. All natural and great to wipe makeup off with or clean hands. 

Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask. Before trying to sleep, I do a face mask. You may look a little odd (maybe a lot) but skin gets so dry when traveling and this mask is a game changer. These ones are super convenient as it's a hydrating sheet you put over your face so you don't have to spread it on and wash it off. 

Fresh Rose Toner. I always keep this stuff in my purse. A few spritzes on your face will have you feeling refreshed in no time. (make sure to transfer into a smaller bottle for security) 

Aveda Blue Oil. This is another one that is usually in my purse. It's a tad pricey but oh so amazing. Rub a little on your temples, behind ears and back of the neck. It smells wonderful, tingles and will have you instantly relaxed. 

Honest Company Hand Sanitizer. Good to have on hand when traveling in general. 

Aesop Hand Balm. A bit of a splurge, but it's the best hand lotion I've found. Slather on liberally.

Toothbrush + Paste + Mouthwash. Nothing like a fresh mouth. 

Other Helpful Items- tissue,  deodorant +  makeup.


Warm Socks. Nice to have if you get cold. I love Smart Wool brand. 

Scarf. Great in case it gets chilly and you can wrap it loosely over your eyes to help you sleep.

Sweater. Again, if it gets cold.  

2 Changes of Clothing. Good to have in case your bag gets lost and I also like to change into a new outfit before arriving. It's incredible what a fresh t-shirt and underwear can do for you. 


Book. One of my favorite times to read and you never know what the in flight entertainment situation will be. 

Travel Guides. Great time to do some extra planning for your adventure. 

Notebook + Pen. You never know when inspiration could strike. 

Headphones and a great playlist. I always listen to the Walter Mitty soundtrack.


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