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Packing Light with Brands I Love

Packing Light with Brands I Love

When packing for a trip, bringing as few items as possible is always my goal. I typically start with a mass of clothing and items strewn on my bed and then narrow it down from there. Sometimes I'm more successful than others, but I'm constantly on the hunt for items that are both functional and pretty to travel with. Below you will find 6 brands I love that help keep my bag a little lighter, are well made and beautifully designed.  

1. Conscious Coconut

I cannot say enough about this incredible coconut oil. The easy to use tube makes it ideal for life on the road and it is also a huge multi-tasker... lotion, hair tamer, burn/scar healer, cracked lip fixer, this one does it all. In addition, they donate a meal to a child in need with every purchase. I simply don't leave home without it. 

2. Block Shop Textiles

I learned quickly the power of a lovely scarf when traveling. It can spruce up any look, transform an outfit you've already worn, serve as a pillow and add extra warmth when the weather doesn't cooperate. The two sisters of this company work directly with a family in Bagru, Rajasthan to create their gorgeous hand block printed scarves. I always end up throwing both of my scarves from here in my bag because I can't ever seem to choose between the two. 

3. Lack of Color 

I'm all about a good hat. Perfect for days you don't feel like washing your hair (me most days), when it's cold or just to switch up an outfit. I love them. Lack of Color has a fantastic selection of colors and styles... if I could I would bring 10 with me on each trip. 

4. Hobes

It doesn't get better than these shoes. They are comfortable, light weight and stylish too. They keep your feet fully covered and quite happy. It also does not hurt that they come in the most superb colors. An ideal travel companion indeed. 

5. Matter Prints

These wonderfully designed pants are heaven. They have great cuts and prints and are hand made using artisan printed and loomed fabric. They are well crafted, comfortable and can be worn over and over again during your trip. Their tagline is "pants to see the world in" and that they are. A true travel workhorse. 

6. Appointed

I get majority of my inspiration when traveling so having a well made notebook is critical for capturing ideas when they strike. I love all that Appointed makes. Their design is incredible and their notebooks hold up well to being tossed around inside my backpack and suitcase. 

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