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Travel Guide: New Mexico

Travel Guide: New Mexico


New Mexico was the second state we spent time in on our 3 month road trip out west this summer, and also the one that left the largest impression on me. We spent time in Taos, santa fe & white sands. If you can, i definitely recommend driving through the state as everything is a bit more spread out and i loved the roadside views. known as the state of enchantment; one local put it quite well when he referred to it as the land of entrapment. I can certainly see how people come to visit and never leave. 

as you arrive

Gallup, NM by The Shouting Matches... the perfect paired down melody to cruise the Land of Enchantment to. 




Airbnb: Sister Casita. i adored staying here. it was conveniently located and cozy. 


Taos Mesa Brewing. perfectly situated off a desert road surrounded by mountains, also a music venue. 


Love Apple. do not miss this one. a local, organic, farm to table restaurant. perhaps my favorite meal of the summer. 

Cid's Grocery. a local, organic grocery. we loved their pre-made section for hikes. 

see & do

Taos Pueblo Community. such an incredible place, make sure to check the website for closure updates.

Harwood Museum of Art 

Taos Ski Valley. Hike to Williams Lake in warmer months.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Shree Yoga

Ghost Ranch

Carsons National Forest 


"I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do." - Georgia O'Keeffe




Airbnb: Garden of the Goddess Retreat. about 30 minutes outside of the city, well worth the drive. access to private hiking grounds and the friendliest hosts. 


Santa Fe Brewing Company 

see & do

Georgia O'Keefe Museum. such a beautifully curated museum that takes you through the life of such an inspiring soul. plan to spend the whole afternoon here. 

Downtown Santa Fe. the streets are lined with lovely art galleries. 


"When I got to New Mexico that was mine. As soon as I saw it that was my country. I’d never seen anything like it before, but it fitted to me exactly. It’s something that’s in the air – it’s different. The sky is different, the wind is different. I shouldn’t say too much about it because other people may be interested and I don’t want them interested." - Georgia O'Keeffe



Our trip down to White Sands was a series of missteps and ended up being a bit of an adventure... but that's what travel is all about. with temps soaring above 120F we could not safely back country camp like we had planned so we booked a last minute hotel (which we accidentally booked 2 hours away). We plan to visit again and camp. if weather permits i certainly recommend that you do as well. although the park is a bit of a drive, it is well well worth it. i have not been anywhere with such unearthly beauty in my life. the silence was deafening and the sand reflects and holds light ethereally. 


there are missile testing facilities nearby that cause the park to close every so often. check here to make sure the park isn't closed the day you visit. 

make sure to walk out at least 10 minutes from where other visitors are... you'd be amazed how quickly you can find absolute solitude and silence here. just make sure you keep tabs on what direction you came from as it's easy to get lost in a sea of white sand. enjoy.

bring plenty of your own water, as the park does not have any. we always travel with a few extra gallons in our trunk when in warmer climates. 



"In the magnificent fierce morning of New Mexico one sprang awake, a new part of the soul woke up suddenly, and the old world gave way to a new.” - D.H. Lawrence


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