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Holiday Gifts that help the planet

Holiday Gifts that help the planet

One thing I've become passionate about over the last several years is reducing my environmental foot print. it can be so easy to add to our waste output without even noticing... A to-go coffee cup here, a plastic water bottle there, a plastic grocery bag, the list goes on. I've become more mindful in my daily practices and use some helpful products that help minimize my personal impact on the planet. I love these items so much, I'm getting many of them as gifts for family & friends this year so I thought I would share. 


s'well bottles.

having an insulated water bottle & coffee mug are essential. bonus, a lot of coffee shops and grocers, like Whole foods, will even give you a discount for bringing your own mug. 

soma water filter.

no need for buying water bottles when you filter it at home. I love the design of soma's pitcher and they automatically ship me a new filter when it's time to change it. 

mur lifestyle french market bag.

i always keep a net bag in my purse for shopping trips, it's amazing how much they hold. 

food52 market basket.

perfect for larger shopping trips and they are so versatile, they can also make great storage containers at home. 

rothy's shoes.

i recently got my first pair of Rothy's. they are incredibly comfortable & lightweight and are made out of plastic water bottles originally headed for the landfill. such an incredible company.


I am far from perfect, so it's not to say that I never use plastic but these items have helped me cut down significantly. when I do use plastic, I always make an honest effort to recycle. I believe the little decisions we make every day really add up and working hard to be conscious about our impact can make a real difference. 


This is not a sponsored post, and all opinions of the listed products are my own. 

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