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Out West

Out West

"Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road. Healthy, free, the world before me"

-Walt Whitman


We've hit the open road. Since my husband, TJ, and I were young we've dreamed of taking an extended time off to travel. We used to imagine Europe but decided to see more of our own expansive country, so we headed out West and took our dog, Murray, with us. 

Follow along with our schedule below. Any tips or recomendations gladly welcome. Also if you're in the area and care to meet up, shoot me an email. 


June 9-12: Denver, CO

June 13-15: Taos, NM

June 16-17: White Sands, NM

June 18-20: Scottsdale, AZ

June 21-22: Joshua Tree, CA

June 23-25: San Diego, CA

June 26-27: Dana Point, CA

June 28-29: Venice, CA

June 30-July 3: Santa Barbara, CA

July 4-5: Moro Bay, CA

July 6-8: Monterey, CA

July 9-11: Santa Cruz, CA

July 12: Sierra National Forest, CA

July 13-14: Yosemite, CA

July 15-17: San Francisco, CA

July 18-19: Mendocino, CA

July 20-21: Eureka, CA

July 22: Yachat, OR

July 23-24: Eugene, OR

July 25-29: Portland, OR

July 30: Olympic National Park, WA

July 31-August 2: Seattle, WA

August 3: Skykomish, WA

August 4-6: Winthrop, WA

August 7-10: Vancouver, Canada

August 11-15: Banff, Canada

August 16-17: Glacier National Park, MT 

August 17 - September 1: Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Colorado

September 2: Chicago, IL 

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