i photograph peoplE, PLACES & products.


My dad always told me you should build your career upon something you completely loose track of time when doing... for me photography is just that. When taking photos I have a huge smile on my face and am completely in the moment. After spending 5 years working in a corporate role, I took a leap and started my own photography business. Now I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Within each image I create, I seek to incorporate a big dose of light, love and color. 



Capturing human emotion is one of my favorite aspects of photography. I love being able to create photos that my clients will cherish for a lifetime. Being able to hold on to a fleeting moment in time is an absolute joy. I design and direct photoshoots to capture authentic emotion. I will work with you on color palette, clothing and location to make sure we have a cohesive, lovely look that lets you and your loved ones shine bright. 



When I was 17, I hopped on a plane and spent a summer nannying in Ireland. Since then, traveling has been one of my life's biggest passions. I haven't been everywhere yet, but it is all most certainly on my list. If you are looking for photos for a travel publication, social media or tourism, let's chat. 



Since I was a small one, I've been obsessive over strong branding and aesthetics. In the sixth grade, I convinced my mom to let me completely redo my room in Tommy Hilfiger and as I write this, I am currently sitting in an outfit that is head to toe J.Crew… I believe, when a great product, cohesive look and strong design come together, magic happens. I love working with brands to elevate their imaging. Whether it is content for your social media, newsletter or advertisement campaign, I bring my design to complement, develop and grow your brand.